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Nowadays, control applications for Smart City environments and for Smart Buildings (BMS applications) are increasingly demanded.

In the Smart City environment, P&D Automatización designs, develops, implements, and launches control applications for various fields:

Urban irrigation management

Urban irrigation teleprocessing in Smart Cities, irrigation control application for parks and gardens in cities, communities and entities with green areas. Our urban irrigation management application includes teleprocessing of parks and gardens, automatic programming, remote activation of solenoid valves and sprinklers, monitoring and storage of meteorological parameters and other sensors, such as soil humidity. The application, which automates irrigation management in parks and gardens, can be installed on the company’s own servers or in Cloud format. It is also fully compatible with several higher layer Smart City control softwares that allow it to be integrated into more powerful applications that centrally control a complete Smart City.

Municipal electricity teleprocessing software

Teleprocessing of electrical panels and lighting by means of a central control software in which all the electrical panels of a municipality or community are integrated, controlled, and remotely managed. It offers the customer the possibility of receiving alarms for events such as protection trips, live monitoring of consumption or programming the switching on and off of lighting circuits.

Energy consumption management software

Energy control software for measuring the energy consumption of buildings and facilities in Smart City environments. It allows the user to have access to strategic information such as energy consumption in real time of any installation. Thanks to this, the user can establish measures to promote energy improvement.

Smart Building solutions

P&D Automatización also offers solutions for Smart Buildings based on BMS software. The installation of a BMS software allows the manager and maintainer of a building to have, thanks to the same software, information, monitoring and control for the various installations of the building:

  • HVAC
  • Low voltage
  • Medium voltage
  • Heating and DHW
  • Lighting
  • Energy saving

The installation of our BMS software always results in significant energy savings in the building. Since it is installed, the client has perfect control of all the installations and has access to important information such as energy consumption in real time. In addition, the BMS software is an important support for the operation of the building, both daily and during maintenance tasks, as it centralizes the control of the building in a single point.

The installation of BMS software is highly recommended for any kind of building, whether it is an office or an industrial building. However, it is essential in large buildings such as hotels, hospitals, theaters or congress centers.

P&D Automation advises the customer to integrate a BMS, analyzing the installation and informing them of the most profitable improvement points. A BMS software can be deployed in existing installations, even if they are controlled by other BMS that have become outdated or obsolete. In case of modernization of existing installations, P&D Automatización analyzes each case, advising the customer on the parts that can be reused in the new BMS (instrumentation and sensors, wiring, panels, etc.). This results in a lower investment and a faster return on investment.