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P&D Automatización has a long experience in the design of electrical panels acquired after the development of several projects at international level for all types of customers: machinery and equipment manufacturers, engineering companies, installers and epecists.

The acquired know-how allows us to offer a high value advice to our customers that results not only in improvements in assembly and functionality of the electrical panel, but also in an economic improvement. At the same time, we take into account the requirements of IEC standards, especially IEC 61439 on electrical panel manufacturing.

P&D Automatización offers its customers the possibility of carrying out the complete design of electrical panels by taking charge of all the phases if the project requires it. The design of electrical panels is divided into the following phases:

Mechanical design

The installation location and the operating capacity of the panel must be taken into account. It is important to consider if the panel is going to be installed in places with seismic issues, corrosive environments or extreme temperatures.

Protection selection

This is a complex issue in which the charges powered by the switchboard must be taken into account, as well as the existing upstream and downstream protections. For the best protection choice, a complete selectivity study of the installation must be carried out. Other factors such as charges, short-circuit power and the service continuity must also be considered.

Development of wiring diagrams with the ePlan software

Single-line and developed diagrams, terminal blocks, material bills, etc.

Technical file generation for electrical panels

P&D Automatización uses specialized software such as ePlan P8 for the development of electrical diagrams during the different design phases.

Air conditioning study
Design of cable entries and connections
Lockdown and consignment plans
Equipment selection
Electrical measurements and connectivity