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Motor control centers or MMCs are switchboards designed to drive and control motors in electromechanical installations. This type of switchboard usually contains the motor power protections (like circuit breakers) and also the control component (relays, contactors, I/O, etc.). They can be manufactured in different forms such as 2B, 3A, 3B, 4A or 4B and even in removable format for applications where high availability of the equipment is required.

MCCs can be manufactured with different types of starters:

Direct on line starter (DOL)
Variable-frequency drive starter (VFD)
Star-delta starter
Soft starter

Different types of starters can be combined in the same MCC depending on the needs of each drive.

P&D Automatización designs and manufactures all types of motor control centers, meeting the most demanding project requirements. Starting from a power table and basic requirements of the application we can offer our customer a final product including design, documentation generation, MCC manufacturing and configuration. Even if the customer requires it, P&D Automatización technicians can travel internationally to participate in the commissioning of the equipment.

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