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P&D Automatización has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of electrical power and control equipment for renewable energy projects: photovoltaic, solar thermal, hydro or wind.

Combiner boxes for photovoltaic plants:

Combiner boxes

We have a specific manufacturing line for combiner boxes or string grouping boxes. P&D Automatización’s workshop has automatic machining equipment and specific installations for series connection. Thanks to this, we offer a competitive price in the assembly of combiner boxes while guaranteeing the highest product quality.

Combiner box design

The design of the combiner boxes is carried out taking into account the requirements of each project, as well as the location of the photovoltaic power station. We offer the customer the highest configuration for the panels: protection, monitoring, auxiliary elements, etc.

Combiner box protection

  • We offer solutions for different voltages: 1,000 VDC or 1,500 VDC for solar parks and 600 or 800 VDC for photovoltaic roofs.
  • The customer can select the type of string fuse protection: positive pole, negative pole or both.
  • The boxes include overvoltage protection, which may or may not include monitoring.


We work with the main string monitoring brands in the market, both at 1,000 VDC and 1,500 VDC. This allows us to offer our customers multiple monitoring options: string to string, multiple strings or total combiner box.

There are several communication solutions, both wired and Wireless (Modbus, LoRa) to connect the combiner box to the Plant SCADA in order to transmit all the monitored data, as well as the status of the equipment in the box: switch, surge arresters or internal temperature.

AC/DC switchgear

P&D Automatización is in charge of the design and manufacture of other electrical panels for solar parks and photovoltaic roofs.

Electrical substation panels: auxiliary services in direct current, alternating current, switching panels and centralization of currents, voltages and measurement panels.

Inverter grouping panels, both DC and AC.