Industrial Automation


In P&D Automatización we are specialists in the development and integration of industrial automation systems. Our automation and control department is in charge of developing automation projects for industrial processes, production lines, monitoring and control of installations or machine teleprocessing.

P&D Automatización has a staff of engineers highly specialized in programming automation equipment of the leading international brands of automation hardware such as Siemens, Schneider, Beckhoff or Rockwell Automation.

Automation and control engineering adapted to your project needs.

During the last years, P&D Automatización has developed automation and control projects with satisfactory results in several areas and sectors:

Automation of industrial processes and production lines

Sensor technology and instrumentation, process control and automation, implementation, and maintenance of SCADAs.

Automation of infrastructures such as wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) and water treatment plants (DWTP)

Projects include process automation, supply of instrumentation, development of visualization and control software, teleprocessing, and commissioning of the installations.

Machinery and equipment

Axis, servo and drive control applications of various types, including different kinds of industrial communications: Modbus, Canopen, Ethernet/ip or ethercat, among others.

Smart Cities and Smart Buildings

Development of applications for infrastructure control in Smart City environments, electrical panels, consumption measurement, irrigation of parks and gardens, etc. BMS applications to control Smart Buildings (Building Management Systems).