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Smart Panels

P&D Automatización designs and manufactures general low voltage distribution panels for the supply of all types of electrical installations: industrial, tertiary, infrastructures, industrial buildings or office buildings, among others.

During the design phase, all the requirements to which the panel must respond are taken into account, such as availability, IP and IK codes, mounting location, seismicity, selectivity with other electrical panels downstream, upstream transformers, network-group or multi-transformer switching, etc. The GLVBs must be designed with special attention since they are the core that supplies electricity to the installation. We pay special attention to the design phase in order to obtain a switchboard that offers our customers the maximum availability of power supply.

Depending on the requirements of each project, the following parameters can be studied:

Short-circuit currents to be withstood by the switchgear
Protection regulation
Installation of electrical panels at high altitude (more than 2000 meters)
Teleprocessing and energy saving management
Selectivity with downstream electrical panels
Internal arc current and protection measures to operate the switchgear safely.
Panels with anti-seismic kits

Smart Panels:

Smart Panels are increasingly in demand. With the incorporation of connected metering equipment, the customer can monitor the electrical consumption of the manufacturing plant or building, differentiating the various electrical consumers. The availability of this energy consumption information allows studies to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and facilities.

P&D Automatización provides specialized advice on the implementation of energy measures in switchboards, recommending to the customer the solution that best suits their needs. In case no market solution fits the specific needs, P&D Automatización offers its customers the development of energy management applications tailored to their needs, including remote information visualization systems and connection with ERPs and SCADAs.

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